Father to child

Father to child

Why are you so sad and troubled,

Discouraged and in a muddle?

Why do you try to cope on your own?

You don’t have to do anything alone.

My child, come to me.

Stop struggling, I’ll set you free.

My child, just ask.

My peace is within your grasp,

My arms are all around.

Seek me in prayer- I will be found.

I’m Your Father, Best Friend and though Lord of All,

I’m interested in you- things both great and small.

I want to share in your hopes and fears,

Be with you in joy, wipe away your tears.

So, why do you sink in cares and worry?

I’ll take them from you, if you give them to me.

I am with you constantly,

You cannot run away from me.

No-one can snatch you out of my hand,

Safe and secure with me you stand.

Nothing can separate you from my love,

Nothing in earth or heaven above.

I love you because you re precious to me.

Stop struggling. Just stop. And trust in me.

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