Although I’ve learned to travel light, I always make room for my running gear. I may not run long or fast or often on holiday but even if I run once I’m satisfied it was worth making the space!

The first run on last year’s road trip was in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland-the valley of waterfalls, in the shadow of the mighty Jungfrau (4158m) Apparently it was the inspiration for Tolkien’s Rivendale & the location of the North Face Mountain Festival last year.

I ran from our Campsite along the river past waterfalls. I heard the roar of the Tummelbach falls – 20,000 litres per second from Alpine glaciers! It was almost too much awesomeness before breakfast!

The sun continued to rise & bathed the rock faces in a golden glow.

As I ran I was reminded of the words of a short poem that I read long ago – in a book by Joni Erickson Tada:

‘The hands that found it nothing strange,
To carve out a mountain range
Or ladle out a sea
Are holding and moulding me!’

Our Creator God who formed the Alps formed our heart & soul. The hands that hold planets in orbit are holding us!

As I ran back toward the campsite a guy landed effortlessly in the field in front- descending from high above with a parachute holding him in place!

Our lives can go too quickly from solid & steady into freefall. God holds us in place like a parachute! His power & promises can stop us from crash-landing.

‘We who hold on to all the wrong things are held tight by the love of the unchanging, unfading, one true God.
We don’t hold tight because we’ve figured this out.
We hold tight because He holds us’
(Amanda Bible Williams-She Reads Truth)

‘I wish you knew how much I long
For you to understand
No matter what may happen, child
I’ll never let go of your hand.
(Don Francisco)

‘Sometimes holding tight will feel more like hanging on, but don’t give up. Don’t believe the lie that you should let go. God holds you. Hold tight to Him’
(Amanda Bible Williams-She Reads Truth)

‘But even though your heart itself,
Should lose the will to stand
No matter what may happen, child
I’ll never let go of your hand’
(Don Francisco)

Whatever we face, we can rest in the truth that we are held by the One who holds all things together:
He will hold me fast

‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’
(Isaiah‬ ‭41:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬)


Ruth x

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