Love came down

whose very essence is Love,
sent His Love down to our little planet
& wrapped Love in flesh & swaddling clothes.

Love walked earth’s dusty, well-trod paths.
Love grew and gave.
Love brought hope to the hurting,
total healing to the sick,
sunsets and rainbows to the blind,
walking & leaping to the lame.

Love gave, and kept on giving
to a world dying to know true Heaven-sent Love.

When Love’s God-appointed Day arrived,
Love gave Himself for us-
Love nailed to a cross,
yet held there by Love-
that we, the unlovely,
would know that we are
deeply loved by God.

even brutal crucifixion could not kill Love,
Love rose with the sunrise in the garden,
and returned to heaven in a cloud.

And Love is with us always-
Even to the end of the age.


‘When Love came down to earth
And made His home with men,
The hopeless found a hope,
The sinner found a friend.
Not to the powerful
But to the poor He came,
And humble, hungry heartsWere satisfied again.

What joy, what peace has come to us!
What hope, what help, what love!’

(Stuart Townend)

Love has a name.Jesus
Love has a place.Our hearts
Love has a story
And it’s not finished yet
(Toby Mac)

‘God is love’
(1 John 4:16)



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